EVOO Competition Information


If you do not wish to enter online via the boxes above, you can enter using a hard copy entry form by downloading the PDF version below. Please be sure to complete the Entry Declarations and note that a $20 handling fee applies for hard copy entries. 

PDF version: 2021 AIOA Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition Entry Form


Key Dates


AUSTRALIAN ENTRIES OPEN: Thursday, 1st July 2021

ENTRIES CLOSE: COB Friday, 3rd September 2021 (post Australian entries by 15th August to ensure arrival by 3rd September 2021.



Full entry details

Please read below or click on the following to download a PDF version:

PDF version: 2021 AIOA Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition Information

For details on how to pack and send your AIOA entry samples click here


Extra Virgin Olive Oil Classes

CLASS 1 – Mild (Polyphenol/biophenol level less than or equal to 150mg/kg)

CLASS 2 – Medium (Polyphenol/biophenol level between 150mg and 300mg/kg)

CLASS 3 – Robust (Polyphenol/biophenol level greater than or equal to 300mg/kg)

Entries submitted into Classes 1, 2 and 3 must be received commercially labelled ready for sale and there must be a minimum of 50 litres of this oil available for sale.

CLASS 4: Non-Packaged (Bulk) Minimum volume 2,000 litres. Includes stock that is intended to be sold in bulk domestically or internationally.

CLASS 5: Varietals (Commercially packaged for sale) Minimum volume 50 litres per varietal. Exhibits must be a single cultivar (no blends). Exhibits may also be entered into Classes 1-4. Exhibits must be sent with the entry’s FFA, PV, PPH and UV test results.

Class 5 A – Spanish Varietals

Class 5 B – Italian Varietals

Class 5 C – Greek Varietals

Class 5 D – Other Varietals

Chemical Analysis Testing

Entries submitted into Classes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 must be sent with a copy of the exhibits FFA, PV, PPH and UV test results. Any exhibits that fail the chemical analysis will be withdrawn from judging without refund. 

Australian Entries – All entries must be accompanied by test results from an Australian NATA accredited laboratory. The four (4) tests required by this competition are FFA (Free Fatty Acid), PV (Peroxide Value), Ultra Violet (UV) and PPH (Polyphenols or Biophenols).  The Chief Steward WILL accept NIR test results. Any entries that fail the chemical analysis will be withdrawn from judging without refund.

Australian entries: The laboratories below will provide NIR test reports. Approximate cost is $37 AUD per entry.

New Zealand Entries – All entries must be accompanied by Olives New Zealand Certification or test results from an Australian NATA accredited laboratory (see above in Australian Entries).

International Entries – All international entries (other than the aforementioned), must be accompanied by test results from an IOC or AOCS accredited laboratory:





All exhibits in Classes 1-5 are expected to meet the following chemical parameters for Extra Virgin Olive Oil (as set out in the Australian Standards [AS5264-2011]), in particular:

  • Free Fatty Acid (FFA):8%
  • Peroxide Value (PV):20 meq 02/kg oil.
  • Absorbency in Ultra Violet: (UV)
  • K232 <2.50, K270 <0.22, ∆K </0.01/

If required the AOA may resubmit an Entry to a NATA accredited lab for confirmation of chemical analysis (FFA, PV and UV) at their cost.

Entries assessed as faulty may be withdrawn at the head judge’s discretion.  The head judge will contact the entrant to discuss such concerns.

If requested, the Chief Steward can organise NATA accredited oil analysis for your oils and provide you with the results. This will be charged at AUD $190 +GST per oil sample. Please indicate that you want this to occur when completing your Entry Form. When posting your entry, allow enough time (2 weeks) for the testing to be completed.


The AOA needs the BATCH/LOT number of your oil on the entry form to clearly correspond with the NATA/IOC/AOCS accredited laboratory sample number on your oil analysis report.

An example of a DPI Laboratory reference code is R21-01234/0001 and an example of a Modern Olives Laboratory Reference Code is 21/0446/1.

This number assists the AOA in matching the oil in the entry to its correct analysis to make sure that oil meets the chemical parameters for Extra Virgin Olive Oil as set out in the Australian Standards (AS5264-2011). If an entry(s) fails to match, then they will be ineligible for judging. 


Entry Fees (per entry)

To receive the discounted Entry Fees; all AOA Financial membership fees MUST be up to date or either paid in advance or at the time of entering the Competition. A remittance statement or payment for AOA & COP membership(s) must be sent with your entry forms. No exceptions.   

* prices are GST exclusive. International Exhibitors will not be charged GST.
Class   1-7
Australian and International EVOO (per exhibit) $370.00
43% Discount for AOA members (Australian and International). Scroll below for more information on AOA membership.



 Allocation to Classes

The level of polyphenols/biophenols (PPH) in an EVOO is a measure which has been shown to correlate strongly with the style of the oil, i.e. delicate, medium or robust. All entries entered into Classes 1 to 5, will be checked against their Polyphenol/Biophenol test results. The Chief Steward will assign the entry to ensure it correlates with the class. It can then be judged fairly without being impacted by oils with higher PPH levels.

There are no limits to the number of exhibits that any one company or individual can enter.


Extra Virgin Olive Oil Entry Requirements

Samples required: A minimum of 2 litres of oil must be provided for each entry entered. This can be three (4) samples of 500ml /750ml or six (8) 250ml samples. This can be in bottles, casks and or tins. Any remaining entries remain the property of the Australian Olive Association Ltd.

Duel Class entries: Entries into Class 5 are permitted to also be entered into Classes 1-4 providing the entries adhere to each Class entry requirement, a separate entry is made for each entry and the required entry fee is paid.

Commercially Packaged: Entries (excluding entries into Class 4 and 5) must be commercially packaged and labelled and intended to be available for sale at the time of entry. The organising committee reserves the right to reallocate or exclude entries from judging that fail to meet this requirement without notice.

Proof of volume: The entrant agrees to accede to any reasonable request by the organising committee to prove that any entry submitted by them is commercially available in the volume specified on the entry form.  The organising committee reserves the right to refuse any entry.

For more comprehensive Australian International Olive Awards Conditions of Entry visit:



Awards, Trophies & Decals

Gold Award (86-100 points)

Silver Award (76–85 points

Bronze Award (65–75 points)


Major Awards and Trophies

Trophies may be given for the following:

  • BEST EVOO OF SHOW – COMMERCIAL VOLUME. Awarded to the highest scoring oil of the day from a producer whose total commercial production exceeds 1000 litres. Class 6 & 7 excluded.
  • BEST EVOO OF SHOW – BOUTIQUE VOLUME. Awarded to the highest scoring oil of the day from a producer whose total commercial production is 1000 litres or less. Class 6 & 7 excluded.
  • Best EVOO Australian
  • Best EVOO Northern Hemisphere 
  • Best EVOO Other Southern Hemisphere  
  • Best EVOO Imported into Australia – Must be commercially available in Australia
  • Champion Mild EVOO (Class 1) & Reserve Champion
  • Champion Medium EVOO (Class 2) & Reserve Champion
  • Champion Robust EVOO (Class 3) & Reserve Champion
  • Champion Non-Packaged (Bulk) EVOO (Class 4) & Reserve Champion
  • Champion Spanish Varietal EVOO (Class 5A) & Reserve Champion
  • Champion Italian Varietal EVOO (Class 5B) & Reserve Champion
  • Champion Greek Varietal EVOO (Class 5C) & Reserve Champion
  • Champion Other Varietal EVOO (Class 5D) & Reserve Champion
  • Best New South Wales EVOO
  • Best South Australian EVOO
  • Best Tasmanian EVOO
  • Best Victorian EVOO
  • Best West Australian EVOO
  • Best Queensland EVOO

Official Award Decals 

  • 2021 Medal Decals and digital medal artwork will be available to order and pay for online. Details of online ordering and postage will be emailed to entrants by Monday 4th October 2021.
  • See Conditions of Entry for more information more about Decal use.

 CLOSING DATE OF EXHIBITS: FRIDAY, 3rd September 2021 at 5.00 pm CST 



All entrants will be emailed their personal results by Monday the 4th October 2021.  This email will include competition results including any medals won and notification of any major award achievements. The email will include a link to online decal ordering.

Medal certificates and any major awards will be will be posted to winning entrants.


How to Enter

  1. Go to internationaloliveawardsaustralia.com.au and complete your online entry by clicking on the EVOO, Flavoured Oils and Table Olives links on the page. Fill in your entry details and Add to Cart. You can add as many entries in this category as needed. When finished, click View Cart and your entries will be detailed. To enter another category (Flavoured Oils, Table Olives, EVOO), click on the ‘To enter more exhibits click here’ link at the bottom of the page.
  2. Once you have completed your entries they will all be in your Cart. When you have finished click the Proceed to checkout box. You then need to fill in your contact and company billing details. When you first register with the online entries, you will be emailed a username and password to use to view your entries and make further entries. If you entered the 2018, 2019 and/or 2020 competition, your username and password will be the same.
  3. Then click on Place Order to make the payment by credit card. All payments will be made in Australian Dollars. You will receive an emailed receipt of the exhibits you entered and the payment made.
  4. Alternatively, you can download and complete the 2021 Australian International Olive Awards Entry Form from the same webpage. If you use a hard copy entry form you will be emailed an invoice from the AOA. Be sure to complete the Entry Declarations. A $20 handling fee will be incurred for all paper entries.
  5. Clearly mark each entry (bottle/tin/cask) with the 4-digit identification code used on this entry form. Photographs of the front label will be taken so place code sticker at the back of packaging.
  6. Send your adequately packed and labelled entry(s) with a copy of your entry details (online entry receipt or hard copy entry form), oil analysis (classes 1 – 6) and payment receipt to: AIOA Head Steward, Trudie Michels, C/o 8 Alexander Avenue, Cumberland Park SA 5041 Australia. Entries must be received by Friday 3rd September 2021.
  7. The AOA recommends that you track your parcel to make sure it reaches the intended address on time. The AOA is not responsible for shipping or customs charges.

IMPORTANT: Carefully wrap each bottle individually with bubble wrap or other suitable shock absorbent material to avoid entries being broken during transit. We also recommend placing each wrapped entry into a large plastic ziplock bag. Should the bottle break, the damage will be contained. Broken entries will not be included for judging and fees will not be refunded.

International Entries

For posting entries into Australia:

  • Do not pack your entry in wooden or cardboard boxes that have been used to hold fruit, vegetables or meat/smallgoods – this packaging is a biosecurity risk.
  • Do not pack with straw or dried plant material; use newspaper, bubble wrap or foam to wrap fragile goods.
  • Make sure you fill out the declaration label clearly and correctly, itemising everything inside the package, including any packaging materials you have used.
  • Clearly label the contents “Olive Oil” and/or “Table Olives”. “Sample, No Commercial Value. Not for sale. Mark them “Food sample for exhibition/competition”.
  • Entrants will be charged for all customs charges on their international shipping documents should the documents/sample package not be properly prepared.
  • DHL and FEDEX are recommended international couriers.

For details on how to pack and send your AIOA entry samples click here

For more comprehensive Australian International Olive Awards Conditions of Entry visit: //internationaloliveawardsaustralia.com.au/conditions-of-entry/


Competition Enquiries

Enquiries regarding the conduct of the competition or general enquiries should be directed to:

Ms Trudie Michels, Chief Steward

Email: tmichels@globaldial.com

Phone: 0419 031 527 (+61 419 031 527) 


AIOA Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition Entries (including evidence of entry payment, oil analysis and online entry receipt/hard copy entry form) can be sent/couriered to:  

Head Steward AIOA
Trudie Michels
C/o 8 Alexander Avenue,
Cumberland Park SA 5067
Mobile: +61 419 031 527


AOA Membership

The Australian Olive Association Ltd (AOA) invites all Australian International Olive Awards entrants to become a member of the AOA.

The AOA is the Governments Prescribed Industry Body (PIB) responsible for representing all levy payers in Australia.  The AOA is also the peak industry body that looks after interests of Australian olive growers as well as supporting the broader community of industry participants, including service providers, marketers, our international partners and olive enthusiasts.

  • As a member of the AOA you will receive a substantial 43% discount ($150/entry) on entry to the inaugural Australian International Olive Awards. 
  •  As a new AOA member, you will receive a complimentary copy of the excellent book Olive Growing, which is referred to as “the Olive grower’s bible” (normally $160.00). 
  • AOA members receive discounts to industry run events such as workshops, training seminars and the annual National Olive Industry Conference & Trade Exhibition.
  • AOA members are also eligible to become Signatories to the OliveCare® Code of Practice.
  • AIOA testing is also accepted for compliance with OliveCare® requirements.
  • The AOA sends regular information and newsletters via email, and social media. AOA pages have industry focus www.facebook.com/AustralianOliveAssociationLtd and consumer focus www.facebook.com/AustralianExtraVirgin/
  • For more information visit australianolives.com.au