How to pack and send your AIOA entry samples.

Entries Close 23rd August 2024

Required Sample Volume

OILS – A minimum 2 litres of oil. This can be four (4) samples of 500ml /750ml or eight (8) 250ml samples. Bottles, casks and or tins.

TABLE OLIVES – A minimum of 1.5 kg of olives, packaged in a minimum of three separate containers to be provided for each entry submitted.


Commercially Labelled

All entries (excluding entries into Class 4) must be commercially packaged and labelled and intended to be available for sale at the time of entry.


Exhibit ID Code

Clearly mark the REAR of each container (bottle/tin/cask) with your chosen 4-digit Exhibit ID Code used on the entry form. Use a separate code for each different oil or table olive entered.  The front label will be photographed so place code sticker at the back of packaging. See example below: (DRG3).   








All entries should arrive in commercial food grade packaging including glass bottles, tins, casks, glass jars with sealed lids, plastic screw-cap containers or vacuum-packed pouches.

To avoid entries being damaged/broken during transit, adequately pack and wrap each bottle/jar/tin individually with bubble wrap or other suitable shock absorbent material and fasten with rubber bands (where possible limit tape use).

Wrap each entry in a large plastic ziplock back. Should the packaging get damaged the contents will damage will be contained. See below. 






International Entries

For posting entries from outside of Australia:

  • Do not pack your entry in wooden or cardboard boxes that have been used to hold fruit, vegetables or meat/smallgoods. This packaging is a biosecurity risk.
  • Do not pack with straw or dried plant material; use bubble wrap or foam to wrap fragile goods.
  • Make sure you fill out the declaration label clearly and correctly, itemising everything inside the package, including any packaging materials.
  • Clearly label the contents ‘Olive Oil’ and/or ‘Table Olives’. ‘Sample, No Commercial Value. Not for sale. Mark them ‘Food sample for exhibition/competition’.
  • Should documents/sample packaging not be correctly prepared, entrants will be charged for all customs charges on international shipping documents.
  • We recommended DHL and FEDEX couriers.


What to include with your samples

1. A copy of your Australian NATA accredited laboratory test results including FFA (Free Fatty Acid), PV (Peroxide Value), Ultra Violet (UV) and PPH (Polyphenols/Biophenols) (classes 1 – 6)

2. A copy of your entry details (online entry receipt or hard copy entry form)

3. Copy of your payment receipt



The AOA recommends that you track your parcel to make sure it reaches the intended address on time.

Postal address

AIOA Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition entries are to be sent/couriered/delivered to:

Head Steward AIOA,

Trudie Michels

C/o 8 Alexander Avenue

Cumberland Park SA 5041


Mobile: +61 0419 031 527 

Email: [email protected]  


Entries intended to be delivered directly to the AIOA Adelaide Depot must contact the Head Steward with a minimum of 24 hours’ notice (via phone or email).

Entrants will receive an email confirmation when all Entries from the Entrant have been received by the Head Steward.

For more comprehensive Australian International Olive Awards Conditions of Entry visit:


To download a PDF of this information, click here.


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